If you are skeptical at all about the wide array of benefits associated with emotional support animals, specifically cats, you should see what the American Counseling Association and other organizations have to say on the subject. Maybe you have been looking into this form of therapy, but you are doubtful that it is going to make a difference. It could be an accompanying form of therapy sure enough, but you might not know why you would even choose to get a cat as an emotional support animal. Cats are cuddly, cute, independent and well, just plain awesome. Cats know it, too, and they will show you how you can be awesome as well. They are great  cat purring furry friends to have around, and we all know our pets mean more to us than just furry friends. Think about how bonding with a cat as an emotional support animal could be quite the adventure.

Emotional support animals provide a presence of another loving being when perhaps no one else may be around. They can help calm you down when things aren’t going your way, and they can be there when you are sad. You might want to be alone at times, but you don’t mind having your sidekick around. Those are just some of the ways that people benefit by getting an emotional support animal. Of course there is a difference between just getting a pet and getting an emotional support animal.

Do you know the process that is required? It really isn’t that difficult, and you can reach out to professionals for the letters and documentation you need. A wave of that just swept through my building, which is a pet free building full of vacation condos. It is actually a trend, more people getting their pets certified as emotional support animals or service animals, too.

If you don’t know about the trend with people getting emotional support cats, then you might not have known how easy it is to get one. You can look into the guidelines and laws for your area. Do you have a place that allows pets? If not, then you might be thinking you can’t have an emotional support cat? However, you can get one, and they aren’t allowed to tell you that you can’t have one. You just have to be sure you do everything by the book.

Do you have a condition that has been diagnosed and is one on the list for conditions that a service animal or emotional support cat can help with? Ask your doctor, and think about how taking steps like this might prevent you from other more extreme measures of treatment. For example, let’s say that someone suffers from extreme anxiety. It is service animals and positive steps like those that can possibly help more people stay away from antidepressants and pain medications.

Our society may be addicted to service animals, but isn’t it so great having furry friends around everywhere? You get to meet all kinds of dogs, and I have been thinking about getting my dog certified as an emotional support animal. It is a future project if I want him to move back here, but right now he’s an emotional support animal for my mom. So that’s good, and now you have to decide where you fit in. Are you going to get your own emotional support cat or dog or are you going to just enjoy meeting them?